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Church Day at CCF

Here are some pics of some of the folks at this mornings worship service…

Amit our Worship Leader and Pastor Tika

The Sweetest Couple in Nepal

This precious sister can barely walk yet comes faithfully with her husband each week. Over an hour walk!


Kathmandu Post

By the way, that is the title of the newspaper here. We’ve started to get the daily. We’ve found out that there is a lot going on in  the world. I suspect we’ve been a tiny bit isolated. Most of our world here consists of what is within walking distance. This is an amazing experience. In many ways it is like stepping back in time, only with a computer. You learn so much about a place and a people when you live here for a while. This has been a week of great victory. God has blessed this ministry with financial gifts that have gotten this ministry in the black again! Back salaries have been caught up for the faithful workers here. Can you imagine going without a salary for 5 months? I can’t.Now there is next month coming! Concerning the children, the monthly needs still fall short. There is always something unexpected, just like in your homes. God bless all of you generous people for your help. Please pray without ceasing for this ministry. Also, please pray for me (Liz) as I begin a class with the teen girls on being godly young women. I am excited about this ministry opportunity! 

I hope this finds you all doing well. Love and prayers to all!


What A Country!

It is hard to believe that a country could survive on 8 or 9 hours of electricity a day. Hey, it’s hard to believe that OUR family could survive 8 or 9 hours a day without electricity, but here we are doing just that! Yesterday for example, the power was on from 11:00a.m.-3:oop.m., that’s four hours. I decided to bake some cookies while we had power. I couldn’t double the recipe because I just wasn’t sure if the white powder in the little bag that I bought was baking powder (which I had), or baking soda. I asked Momita to read the Nepali writing and all it said was Ram Store and their phone number ( the store closest). So the cookies would be an experiment. As it turned out, the powder was baking soda. They turned out pretty well. They disappeared quickly, as you can imagine one batch would. Last week when I was baking Will’s birthday cakes, Shryjana(?) dropped by. She had never seen a cake being made and had no idea what went into them. She had also never seen a cookbook. I asked her if they (her family) had an oven, and the answer was no. It dawned on me that most people here do not have ovens! I now understand how one can do without an oven or power. I’ve learned to do everything with two gas burners. I make toast in a skillet (it’s really good too, by the way). Last night we had steak w/onions and peppers, french fries, and rolls. I made spaghetti w/corn and fresh green beans on Monday. Tuesday night was chicken stir-fry with rice. I have finally come up with 6 meals to rotate. I’ve made soup for lunch several times including potato, chicken noodle, and vegetable beef (yes, beef, shhhhh!). I think we have stopped losing weight! Back to the power, or lack thereof. It came on last night for around 3 hours. We’re not sure because we were asleep. Concerning meat safety, we only buy enough for a day or two. It seems to stay frozen very hard in the store freezers, since they are the deep chest type. The ones at the two local stores we shop at most, are the size you would see back home for ice cream bars, very small. The local people don’t eat meat like we do. I can see why. It is VERY expensive to them. The stores keep a very small supply of meat and sometimes they run out of it. In spite of everything, life goes on here. The buildings have lots of windows that take advantage of daylight. Many times I forget to turn the light on even when we have power. I guess this goes to show you that one doesn’t need what one doesn’t have. But truly, I do need hot water! I’ll write more about the contrasts here later.

From the Eastern hemisphere,


Highjacked by Hindus!!!

On Sunday we went with the school kids on a picnic at a local park. There was some sort of Hindu womens group having a picnic as well and when Liz walked by they grabbed her by her two arms and made her dance! She was literally highjacked by Hindus! Bishnu and Will also got into the act. I thought you might like to see it as well as some pics of the picnic…

Homesickness Happens

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well! As you may have gathered from the topic, we’ve had some battles now and then. Will is having the biggest struggle. Please keep him in your prayers. Like a book I once read says, “It was the best of times and the worst of times”. Just kidding. It’s not that dramatic. Will does miss a lot of things about home, mainly people that he loves, and his dog Sunshine. I know that he will look back on this as an incredible experience, most likely a life-changing one. Right now that is hard for a 12 yr. old to grasp. He misses his buddies at home. There is somewhat of a language barrier.  It has rained a couple of days this week too. It has been too wet to play soccer and he needs that exercise to clear his head. We pray for him when he gets sad. We also remind him that doing God’s will is a sacrifice many times. We specifically pray that he will see his purpose here also, not just his parents. We’re going on a picnic in a couple of days, so that will be fun and a fine distraction! Kirk and I miss our kids and babies, and our extended families. Also, our wonderful church family and friends. We are so thankful for the privilege of coming here and  getting to know some new loved ones. God has knitted our hearts together. We have another family here. It’s great to be a part of God’s forever family that’s all over the world!

Love to you all,


Leaving The Ninety-Nine

Hello everyone, Liz here. We all had a blast on Will’s birthday! I know you will enjoy his report! This gives me a chance for sharing on a more serious note.

In Luke 15:1-7, Jesus tells a parable about a  lost sheep. We who know the blessedness of salvation, were all once that “one”. We were lost, empty, lonely, brokenhearted and most definitely, clueless as to our condition.  Do we tend to leave the comfort of the “99”? Not usually. We enjoy our comfortable group. They like us there. They make us feel good. When we leave the “ninety-nine”, it takes a lot of effort to assure that “one” that they are very much a part and make them comfortable. 100 is a nice even number. We need that “one”. Without them we are not complete. Many times we do not realize it because we don’t have a shepherds heart. Only Jesus can give us that kind of heart.  The parable in Luke is speaking of salvation, but I can assure you that this can happen in the context of God’s people. This week we have seen an example of this played out. One dear little one here appeared to be sad, lonely, and withdrawn. She wasn’t hard to spot. I noticed her back in November when we came. At that time, I felt like she had a big target on her. God wanted to do something in her life. Jesus would have made time for her and has. He sees the heart of those that are many times invisible to us, those who have no hope. He feels the pain of those who are left out. All of God’s children are precious to Him. We are seeing this one blossom before our eyes. I had a chance to share good news from the Scripture with her and confirm God’s love to her. She has no biological mother, but in God’s kingdom she has a bunch!

This is the Scripture the Lord laid on my heart to share. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Amen.

Birthday Nepal!!!

Hi, everyone, Will here! I haven’t talked to you since I was 11 and riding elephants. Now, I’m 12 and celebrating. You may wonder what a Nepali birthday is like. I’m blogging to tell you. The day started out normal. No school, because who wants school on their birthday? I got up, mom and dad gave me their gift, and the day progressed. I waited all day, and nothing happened. Then, around 5, the fun started! First, as I went in, the children and others lined up on either side of me, like a gauntlet, and threw confetti at me. Then we all started dancing and they proceeded to lift me up on their shoulders. After they put me down, they took me to a little throne decorated with balloons and gave me a large party hat. Then after an opening prayer, the kids put on another talent show with singing, dancing, plays, and jokes in my honor. Then we ate snacks like prawn chips, cheese, nut, and raisin on a stick, chips, and popcorn. After we danced a little more, we ate curry in the kid’s kitchen. Then, we headed up to go to bed. All in all, it was the best birthday ever. Even though I got many great gifts, my favorite gift was worshiping God with my family and friends.

Grace Bakery

Liz is downstairs baking birthday cakes for Will and Vic’s party tomorrow night and I just finished class so I thought I would highjack the blog. GBC is going very good. Lots of enthusiasm from the students as they are hungry for the Word. And a good dose they are getting too! A total of 6+ hours a day on Christology, Soteriology, Genesis Ch.1-11 and other assorted subjects. Plus they seem to have boundless energy between classes with lots of worship and dancing. As Brother Terry once said they will dance at the drop of a hat and they’ll even drop the hat!

Also we went yesterday to the grand opening of Grace Bakery. (You gotta love that name, eh?) This is a small coffee shop opened by Silas and Santi. They both were raised here in the children’s home, fell in love and eventually married. We had a dedication for them yesterday with Pastor Tika bringing the Word and Amit providing singing and guitar. It brought quite a few curious onlookers! You could almost read their minds, “what are these funny Americans doing here and who is this Jesus they’re singing about?”. Silas wants it to be an outreach to the neighborhood and I am quite sure it will be. Pray for he and Santi that it is a success spiritually as well as financially. It is such a blessing to see kids from the children’s home growing up and yet staying close. They truly are a family and it’s awesome to behold!

Ah, Communal Living!

It has been 33 years since Kirk and I have done this! It is part of the adventure however & P.T.L., there are NO cockroaches (as in the Jesus Center Ministry). There is a certain energy to it and always some kind of action going on. I guess it’s like being in a huge family. Sometimes we are like parents, sometimes auntie & uncle. Here the children say Liz Mom or Liz Auntie or Kirk Uncle. On our first trip back in November, the first day Will went downstairs apart from us, (we were getting our room organized at the time) we looked down from the 4th floor to see the children with Will in the play yard. We later asked Will what they were talking about. There IS somewhat of a language barrier. However they told Will “You are not only our friend, you’re our brother”. Isn’t that sweet!!! They had been praying for us and specifically that we could come. A few months back Pramita told me that they had trouble understanding Will’s name, as they had been learning it in verb form. She explained why we gave him that name, that he is the “Will of God”. They liked it so much that they asked if a new little baby came to this children’s home could they name him Will? Yesterday after they ate popcorn, Will played football (soccor) with all the guys for a couple of hours. He is gradually building up his stamina, as we all are. Staying on the 4th floor, and walking to the store will do it. We were discussing at lunch today, that we’ve all lost weight but Will. He is growing and I am trying to feed him all I can. I have fresh fruit available for snack time during school. He is eating about as much as me and I’m glad. I try to keep on the lookout for good, healthy snacks. I can’t be overly concerned about price here because nothing ever goes on sale. I am so blessed to be able to provide for my family. I thank God for His provision and for His wonderful people back in Jacksonville, Arkansas (JCF). Without your sacrificial giving we would not be here and these children would not be fed. Our prayer is that others would catch the vision and that this children’s home & bible school would not have to run at subsistence level. A big thank you to so many others for their giving as well. God is the great Accountant. Nothing given in His name from a pure heart ever goes unnoticed or is forgotten, you can rest assured!

Love to all


Back Story

Hello folks!

The electricity has been on at the wrong time and off at the right time. I wanted to tell you about what happened two weeks ago. Remember that I told you how dark it is in the basement? One night the three of us were in the kitchen, plus Bro. Vic and Sarmilla. It was devotional time, and we heard a loud scream by a bunch of people. We thought maybe they were shouting for Jesus. We later found out that as some of the children rushed into the room, some of the chairs were knocked over, causing Rakesh Ram (the youngest boy at six or seven) to fall and hit his head. He had to be taken to get stitches. He felt much better after Pramita promised to get him a candy bar every day until he got well. A couple of days later, Prajowl, Rakesh Ram, and Pramita, loaded up on the motorcycle to get R.R. a tetanus shot. That was a sight to behold! I’m sure that was no big deal for anyone else since whole families ride on one bike here. The only person required to wear a helmet is the driver! That same week, Eva was sick, and it came to our attention that she had a tooth coming in way up on her gums in the WAY wrong place. Pramita knew of the situation, but there was no money for a dentist, especially at the end of the month. Pramita was able to get her an appointment the next day, and got it taken care of. Thankfully, Pramita knew the receptionist who gave a whopping 3500 rupee discount. In American terms, it cost $22 U.S. ! One call to those that love her in the U.S., (Larry and Janice), and the bill was paid. Mind you, this is one week, concerning two kids! Last Sunday on Kirk’s day off from GBC, we went to a Christian book store to buy some bibles to have on hand and one to give to our friend, the recent convert from Hinduism. The building was totally unmarked! They would probably draw persecution if some people knew they were there. We are so insulated here in the Christian community (we live in the church, for crying out loud). We sometimes forget the opposition.

God bless you all,


p.s. I’ve got to go make popcorn for the kids w/Anita’s help.