Welcome to the Wetsell family blog! We finally made it to Nepal safe and sound!

The scene you see on the header is the view from our window. To the right on the mountain range is none other than the great granddaddy of them all – Mount Everest!

We hope you will stay tuned to see what God will do with us Wetsell’s here in this beautiful country!


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  1. 1 book January 16, 2011 at 5:50 am

    Whoa(!), what an INCREDIBLE view from your window!

    …that’s all i can say right now, except Sunshine is going really, really WELL. For now she has 4 brothers with whom she plays A LOT:
    George, the Akbash (“marshmallow” per Will) dog,
    Bailey, the chocolate lab,
    Shadow, the dark dog, AND
    PuppyKitty (for whom there is no clear explanation)!

    Yall, she’s doing wonderfully!


    We pray, pray, pray for yall in each and every circumstance AND LOVE hearing from you. Hugs to all and a special one to Kabita, please!

    It’s 11:38pm in central AR, just about lunch-time (in) K-time! Thinking of you in the exact opposite of our day (& 12 hrs. later) is an EXCELLENT way to be able to pray for you in the time ahead of us (book speak and thinking).

    We love and appreciate yall following our LORD’s will and guidance for you! …and pray our thanks will not be far from our lips.

    Love in HIM
    who first loved us!

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