May We See

A lot can happen in a week. I’m sure that this is true of each of you. We are slowly getting in the groove of no groove. Each day is a new day full of promise and  a few frustrations. There is no escaping either, no matter what hemisphere you happen to be on!  We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and thankful for our JCF church family who have made it possible.

We took an overnight trip to Nagarkot  day before yesterday and were invigorated by the fresh air. The route took us through terrain resembling the Ozark “mountains” in Arkansas. After arriving at our destination I had to ask myself, “Are those really mountains back home?” Don’t get me wrong, the Ozarks are beautiful, just not breathtaking! It was wonderful to leave the hot and dusty city for a day. The city is all business and we escaped it for a while. We thoroughly enjoyed a Nepali style picnic, complete with rice, curry, noodles & flatbread.  We ate atop a hill with a beautiful vista, surrounded by green pine forests.  We were blessed with an incredibly clear view of the mighty Himalayan Mountain Range encircling the hotel terrace. I’m told that not everyone who comes is able to see them clearly,  if at all, due to fog. Pramita told me of a friend of hers who made repeated trips without having the pleasure. “So he just watched a movie,”  she said.

We are looking forward to great spiritual vistas as well.  And He turned to His disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.”

In Christ



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