Waking up in America!

Yes, our adventure in Nepal has ended for a season. We are so thankful to God for His mighty hand of provision, protection and presence during our extended stay there. Lord willing, we will go back again one day. What an incredible experience!!! If anyone gets me started talking about God’s work in Nepal, I can’t shut up. We miss all of our friends and loved ones there very much. Why does Nepal have to be so far away!!!!!!!!!!!! Just as my heart ached to be with friends and family here, my heart aches to be with friends and family there.  I comfort myself with remembering that one day we will all be together in heaven………. FOREVER.

Thank you for taking time to follow our activities and stay in Nepal. We are excited about God’s work here as well. Wherever He is, all things are possible. I (Liz) have been invited to speak to a women’s missionary meeting at a church in Cabot, Ar. I am very happy for this opportunity to share about the work in Nepal. We are also considering launching a new blog aimed primarily at keeping our friends in Nepal informed about our life and ministry here and anyone who would care to read. Any ideas on a name? Give us feedback on this.

A huge “HELLO” goes out to all of our Nepali friends. Love and prayers to you all! A huge “THANK YOU” to you for all of your gifts and cards, love and hugs, that we received before we left. We will always treasure them! Our hearts are there with you always.

Gotta go.




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