Going Home To Nepal

Just before we arrived back in Nepal, I realized that only ten months had passed since our extended stay of 4 months last year. After our feet touched down on Nepali soil, it seemed as though we’d never left. We were greeted at the airport by a company of our precious Nepali family bearing flower garlands to place around our necks, along with lots of hugs. It was a grand reunion. For a time I forgot about my travel weary mind and body.

We found Kathmandu the same as we left it, the usual traffic mayhem ensuing. Unlike before, we paid very little attention to it, too busy catching up with loved ones. Our next hearty ” welcome” came as we pulled into the gate onto church property. All of the children were standing on the steps of the church clutching flowers to distribute to each of their visitors. I tried to capture this “snapshot” and hang on to it. Their initial response to us, as has been my experience, is a bit formal. They seem to be regrouping in their mind and wondering if we really still love and care for them. I’ve since realized that maybe I come on a little too strong with my hefty hugs. They have suffered so much loss. It seems that they are protecting their hearts from adding any more pain or disappointment. On the other hand, they all looked healthy and many of them had grown quite a bit! There are now 22 that call New Life Children’s Haven their home, along with a few older ones taking classes in higher education. The two youngest boys have only been there several months. There are stacks of applicants but not enough resources.  I am so grateful to all of the wonderful people who help provide these children with food, shelter, and medicine. Somehow, God makes the income stretch. On paper they still do not receive enough to make ends meet. Another huge monthly struggle without financial support is their education.  They are receiving it, but it is an almost daily struggle to provide. There is a small school on the church property. Our children only have to walk a few steps to get there. There is a total of around 80 students. Many of the children from outside that come are not able to or simply don’t pay and there is no money to pay for our kids. The staff remains behind on salary. Somehow, God has kept this school going. Somehow, God gives our dear Pramita (the principal and children’s home director) the strength to endure such hardship. Without the safety net of family or government programs, education is their only ticket out of crushing poverty. Unemployment in Nepal is around 75%. With that said, please pray for the ongoing monthly needs. We are their voice. This a first hand account of the ongoing struggles and triumphs of this little flock in Nepal. Please prayerfully consider how you can help. You can reference back to last years blog to see many of the faces of these precious children and members of the family of God in Nepal.

Thanks for reading and to God be the glory,



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