Grace Bakery

Liz is downstairs baking birthday cakes for Will and Vic’s party tomorrow night and I just finished class so I thought I would highjack the blog. GBC is going very good. Lots of enthusiasm from the students as they are hungry for the Word. And a good dose they are getting too! A total of 6+ hours a day on Christology, Soteriology, Genesis Ch.1-11 and other assorted subjects. Plus they seem to have boundless energy between classes with lots of worship and dancing. As Brother Terry once said they will dance at the drop of a hat and they’ll even drop the hat!

Also we went yesterday to the grand opening of Grace Bakery. (You gotta love that name, eh?) This is a small coffee shop opened by Silas and Santi. They both were raised here in the children’s home, fell in love and eventually married. We had a dedication for them yesterday with Pastor Tika bringing the Word and Amit providing singing and guitar. It brought quite a few curious onlookers! You could almost read their minds, “what are these funny Americans doing here and who is this Jesus they’re singing about?”. Silas wants it to be an outreach to the neighborhood and I am quite sure it will be. Pray for he and Santi that it is a success spiritually as well as financially. It is such a blessing to see kids from the children’s home growing up and yet staying close. They truly are a family and it’s awesome to behold!


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  1. 1 Terry Simpson February 14, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    Thank you so much for the pictures. I have chatted with Silas several times about their new bakery shop and it is good to see it. He said he is busier than he’s ever been in his life and I’m sure it’ll be a while before he sends me any pictures. So, thanks. And may God bless this great couple. I truly love them dearly.

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