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A Heartbreaking Story

As we were sitting with Pramita today, she began to tell us some of the background stories of the newer children. I have to share this one with you. Ritu is the youngest girl with a huge smile and a couple of teeth missing. It seems that as a means of coping with her sadness, she tells her own story in fairytale form. Whenever she meets a new person she sometimes tells them…

“There once was a little girl named Ritu. She had a beautiful mother named Reema. One day, her mother said that she was going to the toilet and never came back. Now Ritu is a princess.”

In order to make Ritu feel valued & loved, Pramita told her the last part, that she is a princess, and that got incorporated into her story. That smile of hers hides a lot of pain. I’m so glad that she’s here in a safe place. It is no accident. What a privilege to be able to tell these precious girls about their heavenly Father that is so intimate in His knowledge of them that He even knows the number of hairs on their head.(Luke 12:7) Please pray for these dear ones and consider helping in their support. The budget here is tight and Inflation is very high right now.

Thanks for reading,



Second Home

This is our second home, however, I’m sure that we stick out like a sore thumb. That is a good conversation starter for those curious about who we are and why we are here. Some of them just want to practice their English. Others are hoping that we might have money or connections that may get them closer to their dream of going to America. To most, America, is the promised land and it is a wonderful place to live. I am thankful that we can get on a plane and fly back on a fixed date. A heated home with a hot shower on command sounds pretty good right now! Truly, there is danger and hardship anywhere you happen to be on this planet. Our family is here, however as an ambassador of a different kingdom, the Kingdom of God. This eternal kingdom is without borders. It is any heart that Jesus has made new, clean and pure. One of my most thrilling moments (way more than seeing Everest), was when a dear sister who had just become a believer proclaimed “You are ambassadors!!” How right she was! It is also sobering to know that this is both our privilege and our responsibility.   “We are therefore Christ’s  ambassadors, as though God was making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” 2Corinthians 5:20. All believers are commissioned with this tremendous task wherever our paths may lead. The good news that we have to proclaim is that through the sacrifice of Jesus, His own body & blood, we may have forgiveness of our sin.  On a daily basis I am enjoying His cleansing and forgiveness as His child.




May We See

A lot can happen in a week. I’m sure that this is true of each of you. We are slowly getting in the groove of no groove. Each day is a new day full of promise and  a few frustrations. There is no escaping either, no matter what hemisphere you happen to be on!  We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and thankful for our JCF church family who have made it possible.

We took an overnight trip to Nagarkot  day before yesterday and were invigorated by the fresh air. The route took us through terrain resembling the Ozark “mountains” in Arkansas. After arriving at our destination I had to ask myself, “Are those really mountains back home?” Don’t get me wrong, the Ozarks are beautiful, just not breathtaking! It was wonderful to leave the hot and dusty city for a day. The city is all business and we escaped it for a while. We thoroughly enjoyed a Nepali style picnic, complete with rice, curry, noodles & flatbread.  We ate atop a hill with a beautiful vista, surrounded by green pine forests.  We were blessed with an incredibly clear view of the mighty Himalayan Mountain Range encircling the hotel terrace. I’m told that not everyone who comes is able to see them clearly,  if at all, due to fog. Pramita told me of a friend of hers who made repeated trips without having the pleasure. “So he just watched a movie,”  she said.

We are looking forward to great spiritual vistas as well.  And He turned to His disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.”

In Christ



Khusi means happy in Nepali. I can tell you that I am a happier woman after hearing of the rituals that Hindu women have to take part in yearly in order to cleanse themselves of sin.  At breakfast this morning, Pramita proceeded to tell us a couple of details. The festival is called “Rishi Panchami”. Each has to wake up at 4am to begin their purification. Not necessarily in this order, she then has to rub 360 pieces upmarga (a medicinal plant)  across her teeth. That can’t be good. She has to rub her body with a potion of equal parts milk, curd, butter and cow dung thoroughly mixed in a copper container.  After she washes her husband’s feet she then takes a holy bath which is, apparently, much needed. During this bath a trained professional holds a strainer filled with a type of tea  leaves over her head and pours water through it. She is then dipped into a body of water. If she lives quite a distance from the temple, she must form the likeness of a god out of cow dung in order to worship.

Through Jesus we are saved without any works of our own!

Happy 🙂


Alive and Well in Kathmandu!

Jaimashi and Namaste to all of our friends and family! After a fairly chaotic first week, we seem to be getting on an even keel. Some of you are aware that Will’s suitcase containing schoolbooks and all clothes failed to arrive in Kathmandu. Due to the fact that it had been labeled with another name and destination plus no receipt for the cost of said extra bag, we were at the mercy of airline employees, some helpful, others not so much. It finally arrived five days after we had arrived. How we praise God for HIS mercy and favor. It has been wonderful to see the precious children of New Life Children’s Haven, and meet many of them for the first time. Of course they are so happy to receive their new backpacks, filled with an outfit and a hooded sweatshirt,  provided by the believers of our church, Jacksonville Christian Fellowship. We also brought along monies donated for shoes that we will purchase here. Every time I come , I am overwhelmed by more need. It is costly to raise 38 children! As many of you are aware, the government requires the children to wear uniforms to school, and if I’m not mistaken, they must have two that they wear on alternating days. They must also have black school shoes and a pair of tennis shoes for PE or they cannot participate. Thankfully, these children are able to attend New Life School, right here on the premises. There are now 130 children who attend the school, most of which are from very poor families that can barely afford the small monthly fee of $7, raising around 50 cents for every year past grade school. Though these families greatly struggle in order to pay the tuition, they are so blessed to be able to offer their children a better life. I hope that that these specifics lend some perspective to you. Think of what an investment even a small donation can make in the life of a child! Yes, there are so many needs everywhere around the world, but we know in our hearts that God has called us to this place. The needs of the world are overwhelming to the point that we think “How could I possibly make a difference?,” but you can!! Well I certainly digressed! Let me add that shipping is so expensive that it is not an option. There was also no way we could afford to bring 38 heavy coats. On very cold days, they stay in their rooms under their covers after school and on days off.  I remember one year before a pastor’s conference in late December, we found children’s jackets at Wal-mart for $6!  That was when there were 28 children & we managed to bring them.

We thank God so much for Nat and Vicky Rudulph, and their church family for their generous support, as well as all of those who sacrifice to provide food, shelter, education, and most importantly, the knowledge of Jesus and His saving power!

Grace & peace to you all,