Ah, Communal Living!

It has been 33 years since Kirk and I have done this! It is part of the adventure however & P.T.L., there are NO cockroaches (as in the Jesus Center Ministry). There is a certain energy to it and always some kind of action going on. I guess it’s like being in a huge family. Sometimes we are like parents, sometimes auntie & uncle. Here the children say Liz Mom or Liz Auntie or Kirk Uncle. On our first trip back in November, the first day Will went downstairs apart from us, (we were getting our room organized at the time) we looked down from the 4th floor to see the children with Will in the play yard. We later asked Will what they were talking about. There IS somewhat of a language barrier. However they told Will “You are not only our friend, you’re our brother”. Isn’t that sweet!!! They had been praying for us and specifically that we could come. A few months back Pramita told me that they had trouble understanding Will’s name, as they had been learning it in verb form. She explained why we gave him that name, that he is the “Will of God”. They liked it so much that they asked if a new little baby came to this children’s home could they name him Will? Yesterday after they ate popcorn, Will played football (soccor) with all the guys for a couple of hours. He is gradually building up his stamina, as we all are. Staying on the 4th floor, and walking to the store will do it. We were discussing at lunch today, that we’ve all lost weight but Will. He is growing and I am trying to feed him all I can. I have fresh fruit available for snack time during school. He is eating about as much as me and I’m glad. I try to keep on the lookout for good, healthy snacks. I can’t be overly concerned about price here because nothing ever goes on sale. I am so blessed to be able to provide for my family. I thank God for His provision and for His wonderful people back in Jacksonville, Arkansas (JCF). Without your sacrificial giving we would not be here and these children would not be fed. Our prayer is that others would catch the vision and that this children’s home & bible school would not have to run at subsistence level. A big thank you to so many others for their giving as well. God is the great Accountant. Nothing given in His name from a pure heart ever goes unnoticed or is forgotten, you can rest assured!

Love to all



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  1. 1 Jeff Gregory February 13, 2011 at 5:04 am


    Enjoying your accounts of your adventures there.

    Jeff (in Dallas)

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