A Heartbreaking Story

As we were sitting with Pramita today, she began to tell us some of the background stories of the newer children. I have to share this one with you. Ritu is the youngest girl with a huge smile and a couple of teeth missing. It seems that as a means of coping with her sadness, she tells her own story in fairytale form. Whenever she meets a new person she sometimes tells them…

“There once was a little girl named Ritu. She had a beautiful mother named Reema. One day, her mother said that she was going to the toilet and never came back. Now Ritu is a princess.”

In order to make Ritu feel valued & loved, Pramita told her the last part, that she is a princess, and that got incorporated into her story. That smile of hers hides a lot of pain. I’m so glad that she’s here in a safe place. It is no accident. What a privilege to be able to tell these precious girls about their heavenly Father that is so intimate in His knowledge of them that He even knows the number of hairs on their head.(Luke 12:7) Please pray for these dear ones and consider helping in their support. The budget here is tight and Inflation is very high right now.

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