Alive and Well in Kathmandu!

Jaimashi and Namaste to all of our friends and family! After a fairly chaotic first week, we seem to be getting on an even keel. Some of you are aware that Will’s suitcase containing schoolbooks and all clothes failed to arrive in Kathmandu. Due to the fact that it had been labeled with another name and destination plus no receipt for the cost of said extra bag, we were at the mercy of airline employees, some helpful, others not so much. It finally arrived five days after we had arrived. How we praise God for HIS mercy and favor. It has been wonderful to see the precious children of New Life Children’s Haven, and meet many of them for the first time. Of course they are so happy to receive their new backpacks, filled with an outfit and a hooded sweatshirt,  provided by the believers of our church, Jacksonville Christian Fellowship. We also brought along monies donated for shoes that we will purchase here. Every time I come , I am overwhelmed by more need. It is costly to raise 38 children! As many of you are aware, the government requires the children to wear uniforms to school, and if I’m not mistaken, they must have two that they wear on alternating days. They must also have black school shoes and a pair of tennis shoes for PE or they cannot participate. Thankfully, these children are able to attend New Life School, right here on the premises. There are now 130 children who attend the school, most of which are from very poor families that can barely afford the small monthly fee of $7, raising around 50 cents for every year past grade school. Though these families greatly struggle in order to pay the tuition, they are so blessed to be able to offer their children a better life. I hope that that these specifics lend some perspective to you. Think of what an investment even a small donation can make in the life of a child! Yes, there are so many needs everywhere around the world, but we know in our hearts that God has called us to this place. The needs of the world are overwhelming to the point that we think “How could I possibly make a difference?,” but you can!! Well I certainly digressed! Let me add that shipping is so expensive that it is not an option. There was also no way we could afford to bring 38 heavy coats. On very cold days, they stay in their rooms under their covers after school and on days off.  I remember one year before a pastor’s conference in late December, we found children’s jackets at Wal-mart for $6!  That was when there were 28 children & we managed to bring them.

We thank God so much for Nat and Vicky Rudulph, and their church family for their generous support, as well as all of those who sacrifice to provide food, shelter, education, and most importantly, the knowledge of Jesus and His saving power!

Grace & peace to you all,



1 Response to “Alive and Well in Kathmandu!”

  1. 1 Kim Cox November 5, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    What a spectacular blog entry! Thank you so much for reminding us of our brothers and sisters in Nepal. Give them each a big squeeze and remind them that we pray for them often. The Cox family sends their blessings and love!

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