A Wonderful Day!

Praise God for a wonderful day of ministry! Today we had an awesome service at CCF. The Lord was there in great power and many people were blessed by the worship and the ministry of the Word. After service, Liz shared with the ladies group and several women were deeply touched and encouraged to give their burdens to the Lord. Also we had the graduation service for GBC. Everyone was blessed and encouraged by these wonderful students and the hard work they have done. Please pray for them  as they return to their villages to share the Word of life with family, friends and neighbors! I’ll try to get a few pictures up soon.

But, to top off a wonderful day, the greatest blessing was yet to come. I wrote last week how Pramita’s mother had come to the Lord and how her dad was close behind. He was one week behind to be exact. He came to service today without Mrs. Mothay (she is on a trip until Monday) for the express purpose of meeting with Vic and I to hear the Gospel and accept Christ as Savior. He related how he and Mrs. Mothay had cleansed their home of every last vestige of idolatry and Hinduism. He said “no one has told me to do this but my heart tells me to accept only Jesus Christ as my God and Savior”. He then added “no idol made of a stone can help you”! After we went over the Gospel with him he prayed and accepted Christ. When we were done he said “now, I am very happy, very happy”! We will be blessed next week to baptize them both! Praise God for His wonderful Grace!



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