Time Flies!

Time has been put on fast forward! With Sunday being Mother’s Day, we celebrated with some shopping and finished up some errands before leaving. We ate at our favorite “taste of America” restaurant, Higher Ground. It is indeed upstairs and is operated by Nepali Christians. It is so pleasant! We went by public transport, and took Pramita along to celebrate, too. On the trip home it began to rain and poured on us as we walked from the van. Kirk & Will took off running “home”, leaving Pramita & I with the umbrella, each of us having one wet half. We laughed so hard at them because they were already soaked but still they ran!

Lunch at Pottam's

We are getting many invites for fellowship and food before we leave. We were blessed to be invited to Pastor Tika & Durga’s home for singing & prayer, food & fellowship on Monday night. Who knew Pastor Tika could cook? Will had fun playing charades with Tika’s niece & nephew Nikky & Nicholas. Samson ate dinner with us last night & tried some new taste sensations ( American, that is). Pottam, who does housekeeping here at CCF, invited us this afternoon for a house fellowship & a good meal. Finally, we invited Violetta & Vivianna (a missionary from Brazil and her daughter) to dinner this evening. That means I have to GO!

Pastor Tika and Durga

We’ll be home soon! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your prayers & support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1 Response to “Time Flies!”

  1. 1 the Wests May 11, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    Liz, thanks for keeping us updated through the blog. We’ve missed you guys, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

    P. S. Today was the last day of CBS. I have loved it, and I hope I’ll be seeing you there next fall.

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