Resident Poet And Flute Player


As the title suggests, Samuel is a gifted young man. Born in the remote Tanahun district near Gorkha, Samuel started life with the given name Surya, which means  sun. When he was 11 yrs. old, a  local pastor saw the needs of his family and asked if he could come to New Life Children’s Haven. Due to their poverty, there had been no ability to pay the government school registration fee so his education was very little. Samuel’s family, then Christians, sent him with the  pastor to come here. Pramita tutored him for 6 months in order to save him the embarrassment of starting school in a lower grade. He has worked very hard to catch up, sometimes studying 4 hours a day. A short time after arriving, he traded in his Hindu name Surya for his Christian name Samuel. Now 16, he loves to read the Bible and write Christian poetry, of which we plan to give you a sample ( when it gets translated). AND did I mention that he likes to play the flute?


1 Response to “Resident Poet And Flute Player”

  1. 1 Cassie May 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    That’s my boy!

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