Santosh, Bipin and Peter

Santosh, Bipin, Peter

    All three of these boys are always anxious to catch our eye to greet us with a hearty ” Jaimasi” (“Jesus Is Victor”). AMEN!!!  This is how all of the Christians greet one another. Knowing where these boys came from truly shows us that Jesus can be victorious over a painful past.

    Santosh Lama is from the countryside outside Pokara. A believer in that community recommended this family for help.  Most likely he is from a Buddhist family. His family was so destitute that they could only afford one meal a day. He attended a government school but due to the inability to afford the basics,  such as paper, he got behind on his studies. An empty stomach makes it hard to focus, too. He still struggles in school so please keep him in prayer. His mother was in tears when she left him, but is happy for this opportunity for her son. He has such a sweet smile and attitude.

    Bipin was found abandoned in Gorkha, the home town of both Pastor Ram and Pastor Tika. He was only four years old and filthy from head to toe. It’s hard to imagine that from his smiling face in the picture. He is now nine years old. He is a gentle, loving little boy who likes to dress as nice as he can, wearing dress slacks if he’s been given any!

    Peter is the middle son in a family of believers here at Covenant Christian Fellowship. His mother has been very ill for a very long time and most of their money goes for her care and medicine. They would be unable to afford school and food if not for New Life Children’s Haven. Peter was only three when he came and is now nine years old. His younger brother is also getting free education from the school. Education is so vital here. It is the key for getting out from under this crushing poverty and all of the people know it. In spite of it all, Peter has feet that like to dance! He is very good at it and all of the children enjoy his fancy footwork!


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