April Rewind

Kabita, Nitu, Santosh

Hello, Everyone!

We’ve been so busy concentrating on the profiles of the children that I missed a couple of highlights of the month that I wanted to share. Rewind to April 1st. Who knew that April Fools Day would be celebrated here? Kirk was awakened around seven when Will (an accomplice) came in to tell him that Pramita wanted him downstairs. ALL the children were gathered to yell a big “April Fool’s”. Next was my turn, Will’s turn had proceeded Kirk’s. When I made my way down the stairs to my “surprise”, I acted like I was mad for getting woke up. Then I turned the tables and said “April Fool’s” to them. We all had a good laugh!

On the 16th we had a great big monthly birthday party for the kids. The evening began in the sanctuary with singing & joke telling.  There were three to celebrate this month, Nitu (15), Santosh (12), and Kabita (11). They sat up front in the place of honor. Pastor Tika gave a devotional to encourage them & Kirk said a blessing prayer for them. They then blew out their candles & we all moved outside to eat.  The menu included brownies, prawn chips, popcorn, potato curry & flat bread along with Tang. After that were ice cream cones. Next everyone moved back inside to dance to praise music for a fun, wholesome time.

There are several children who don’t know when their birthdays’ are. I’m hoping that they can choose a day & they each can have a day of their own so they won’t be passed over any more. I takes so little to make them happy! May God bless them every one.




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