Three’s A Crowd

Roda, Alisha, Dina

                            These three little girls as cute as they can be,

                                             Where you find one, you find all three!

Around one year ago, Pramita was contacted with an urgent request to help three little girls in need. Roda and Dina were  friends in the village of Dhading. They are of the Tamang tribe, which speak a different language than Nepali. Dina and Alisha arrived here at the children’s home at the same time. When Roda arrived five days later, she and Dina thought they were just here to play. They both wept bitterly after realizing that they were here to stay. Alisha did a lot of interpreting for them especially in the beginning! Alisha is from a home where spousal abuse was common and food  scarce. She never shed a tear and said “I am happy to be here where there is food”. Dina and Roda’s parents are Christians and still stay in touch by phone and talk to them now and then. Alisha’s mother is a Christian as well. All of these parents attend the same church, however they are so desperately poor. I’m told their hearts were broken as they were forced  to part with their beloved children. However, this is a sacrifice they were willing to make.  Here the children receive nourishment for their bodies and an education for their future. Here they are in a safe place, a haven.


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