Dear Sisters

Kabita and Sara

These dear sisters came to New Life Children’s Haven only two years ago. They were from a village located near the base of the Himalayas called Baglung. Baglung is 170 miles from Kathmandu and with travel the way it is, almost a world away. As members of the Dalit caste, they were suffering from desperate poverty. When their mother passed away and their father deserted them, they were left all alone. A local pastor from the area contacted NLCH to see if there was a place for them. There was and is a place for them thanks to all of the faithful people who give to this ministry. Sara is the elder at 12yrs and Kabita is 11yrs. Despite their painful past, they are always smiling! They are also the two top students in their class! Kabita was deeply touched last week when we celebrated her birthday along with a couple of others in April. After the party, she went to Pramita weeping out of gratitude and joy because of the celebration. She didn’t even know that birthdays are celebrated! I know that to see them full of joy brings joy to her Father in heaven.


1 Response to “Dear Sisters”

  1. 1 Jeff Gregory April 26, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Kirk and Liz,

    Really enjoyed reading about the children and support staff.
    Kirk, how’s the teaching going? Do you all usually worship on Sunday at the home church?
    Kirk, I imagine you sometimes preach at churches in the area.

    We had a blessed Holy Week here.

    God bless. Love,


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