NLCH/CCF Support Staff

We continue highlighting some of the children here at New Life Children’s Haven but I also wanted to introduce you to some of the support staff here. When you give to this ministry you are not only feeding the children (which is always the highest priority) but you are also supporting these indispensible members of the staff.


This is Kumar. He is one of the most valuable players here at NLCH. He is the security guard and basically takes care of all the needs of the building and property. He is ex Nepali Army and has served here for 18 years! He constantly works and as a hobby (I think) he does elaborate landscaping as seen in this picture. He had to be laid off last year for a few months due to the inability of the ministry to meet his salary. He went for almost seven months without pay before he was forced to find other work. He later returned when the ministry got on its feet a little bit but was still 5 months behind when we got here. Thanks to the generosity of many back home we were able to get him completely caught up. His salary is only 8000 Rupees per month (that’s only $115.00 US)!


 Next we have Pottam. She too has been here for many years. 17 to be exact! She is responsible for cleaning the church building as well as the living quarters of all who are here (4 bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, 3 offices and 5 stairwells) plus she does everyone’s laundry! To say the least she is one busy lady! She is also very active in the church and in the women’s fellowship. She does all this for the sum of 4000 Rupees per month ($57.00 US)! 

Sarrita and Sunjana

 These two ladies are the cooks for both the children and the students of Grace Bible College. You can imagine how hard they work in daily preparing food for over 40 people! All for 3000 Rupees ($43.00 US) per month.


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