Precious Family

Sunita, Joon, Amit, Anita

These 4 are some of the long term residents of New Life Children’s Haven. They are from left to right, Sunita, Joon (John), Amit (the worship leader at CCF) and Anita. They are brothers and sisters and they have a unique story. They were all born in Assam India which is a 3 day bus trip from Kathmandu. When they were very young their father deserted them and they were forced to do child labor to survive. Their mother is the niece of Meena Nepal, Ram’s wife. Meena heard of her plight and invited them to come to NLCH where their mother could be employed as a cook. Not too long after their arrival she found out that she had tuberculosis (she was already infected when she arrived) and she died a few days later. Amit was only 14 when she died, Anita was approximately 9, Sunita was about 6 and Joon was around 4. This was 12 years ago and they literally grew up here. Soon after their arrival Amit read Heb.13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”. Through this Scripture God drew him to Himself and a short time later he was converted. Then followed his siblings. Today they are all serving God with their whole heart. All 4 are on the worship team here at Covenant and Amit is part of the paid staff as worship leader. He hopes in the future to open a school of Worship here in connection with Grace Bible College.


1 Response to “Precious Family”

  1. 1 Ruth Wetsell April 23, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    I am overcome by the providence of God for this family. Even through much pain and suffering, His unfailing love has called them and secured them for eternity! Praise His name!!

    I am still praying for Anita. I don’t think I knew she was Amit and Joon’s sister. Is she doing better??

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