In My Element

This week is sports week at the school here. Will played chess and enjoyed it (lost, tho). We just generally “hung out”. I spent a lot of time with Sabina, one of the three Newari sisters that some of you have heard about. I was able to encourage her about her future. So many young AND old Nepali’s are leaving here.  The prospects are gloomy and life is hard. As a believer no matter where we are, God can make a way. It is so comforting to know that His purposes for us will not be thwarted. Sabina has always wanted to be a doctor or nurse, specifically in her own village. There is no doctor there. I encouraged her to seek God’s will–it is perfect, tailor-made for each of His children. We were able to go into the office & study the Scripture. As we were reading in Psalms, I would explain some of the English words to her. I also talked about David and what set him apart, as God called him”a man after my own heart”. Sabina said “Who is David?”. After I got over the shock, I realized, this is what we’re here for. She has done translation work for missionary’s in her village. She knows Newari, Nepali and English. She is interested in ministry besides medicine, so who knows what God will do. I love encouraging young believers in their pursuit of the Lord’s glorious plan for their life!

The power has been particularly erratic. Today, it didn’t come on until 4:30. I am fighting the clock to get a post done, so that I can do my studying for the girl’s Bible study, already tomorrow evening. Made banana muffins with those itty bitty bananas! We didn’t have a bread pan, so muffins it was.

We hope you are all doing well. Thank you for your prayers!



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  1. 1 Terry Simpson March 9, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Please tell Sabina that I am continuing to pray for her and that I love her and her wonderful family.
    When I’z there, I’d put my post into Word and then copy paste when the power was on. Of course, that was after several times typing a post only to have the power go off before I could actually post it. It happens that suddenly.
    Have you guys done anything about getting an external power supply for the computer? That would be the best thing. Even better than muffins.

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