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Kirk here…

It had been a while since I last blogged so I thought I would give an update on GBC. Last week we had “Testimony Day” where all the students shared how they came to Christ and also what they hoped to do for Him in the future. One thing that stood out was that most of them were from Hindu backgrounds and over half of them came to the Lord as the result of a physical healing in themselves or their immediate family. That is a story I am hearing over and over again. One brother I spoke with came from a Buddhist family of 10 counting the Mom and Dad. His sister became deathly ill. They called the Buddhist priest and after performing several rituals she was no better. Then they called on a local Hindu priest and got the same result. Finally a local Baptist pastor came and prayed for her and she immediately began to get better. Within a very short time she was normal. As a result (after the pastor shared the Gospel) the whole family came to Christ! Another family here at CCF all came to the Lord after the mother was miraculously healed. In all there were a total of 53 extended family members who converted! The mother now goes throughout Nepal praying for people to be healed and has seen many, many miracles.

But getting back to the students, the thing I most wanted to know about was their vision after they leave GBC. Several feel that God is calling them to be evangelists. They have a desire and a calling to go to the very remote parts of Nepal with the Gospel. Without exception all the students want to go back to their own village and share Christ with their people. One brother will be pastoring 2 existing house churches with a total of about 60 believers near Damauli. His home church, Immanuel Baptist has 12 satellite churches. Another brother’s goal is to have an orphanage. There is a high death rate (most have no access to medical care or medicine – too poor) and there are many single parent families. Another factor you hear frequently in connection with this is alcoholism. When these things happen many times the children must go to a children’s home. There simply are no jobs to be had especially for a single parent. No job, no income, no income, no food. Hence the great need for children’s homes and orphanages. Another brother (our own dear Amit) wants to open a school here in Kathmandu to train worship leaders. He wants to emphasize “Theocentric” (God centered) worship as opposed to entertainment! What a guy! Hopefully this can be incorporated into GBC in the near future. All the students are serious about Jesus and the Gospel. What a privilege and blessing to be able to teach such hungry hearts! Hopefully soon I will post some pictures of them so you can see who you’re praying for!

With love in the Savior,



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  1. 1 Terry Simpson March 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Amen! You spoke of Yabesh, I’m sure. Tell them all I said Jaimashi and I miss them something fierce. God bless you and Vic as you minister to the future ministers of Nepal.

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