Error Correction

I wanted to make known an error from my last post. It would cost $30 per MONTH for each child to have an egg. Sorry about that. I am always in a hurry when I post  to use my electricity wisely. Sometimes I need to cook since the oven is electric. Pramita is making us curry for lunch (YEAH), so I have some free time. Amit, the resident worship leader here at Covenant Christian Fellowship (CCF), is giving Will a guitar lesson. Last Thursday was the first day. Will is excited about learning. Amit is teaching him thoroughly. I’m impressed. Will told us after last Friday’s lesson that Amit noticed his too-long-to-play-guitar finger nails. Grabbing some clippers, Amit cut those nails in a flash. The thought of that scene still makes me chuckle. Because of the fact that Will is allergic to dairy products, he takes a calcium supplement. His nails seem to grow so quickly. Well that’s my excuse for not giving my son a proper grooming! I wanted to point out though, more importantly, Amit’s servant heart. His humble attitude, his passion for worship, and his love of the gospel, are a blessing to behold. May God use him mightily to reach the people of Nepal. Amen.



1 Response to “Error Correction”

  1. 1 Terry Simpson January 30, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    I don’t think I cut my own nails once while I was in Nepal. Amazing.

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