I just wanted to give a quick update on the Hindu family that we went to visit this past week. I had related in two previous posts that the mother had been coming to church and wanted to know more about the Gospel. A team of us went there day before yesterday and after Pastor Tika spoke to her about turning from idols (from Ps.115:1-8) and turning to the true and living God who made heaven and earth and then sharing the Gospel with her, she was ready to surrender to Christ as her Lord. She was in church this morning and her countenance was markedly different! She truly had the joy of the Lord! What was so awesome to me was how the believers here confront the idolatry question head on, no compromise. When conversion happens there is a total break from Hinduism. It is so evidently God and so full of Glory! Please pray for her that she will be strong as she will inevitably suffer persecution as she follows Christ. Pray also for her son to come to the Lord. He was there when we shared the Gospel and was very open but he left the room when we prayed and then didn’t make church this week. He is though under heavy conviction and we believe could be very close to the Kingdom of God.

Also, we start classes at GBC on Monday. We currently have 15 solid students. Tika and Pramita are screening them very carefully as regards to their walk with the Lord and their sense of calling to the ministry. Many are back from last year and there are a few new ones as well. We hope to add more as funding is available.

Finally, we never want to be remiss in thanking each one of you for your support, either for the kids of NLCH, GBC or for our family personally. We could not be here without you and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

We’ll post again soon so stay tuned! Hopefully with some new pics as well.



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  1. 1 margaret ozbun January 30, 2011 at 1:02 am

    hey liz,
    just wanted you to know that i have printed up your posts for you mom to read. she is doing well. has stopped using the walker on a regular basis. we got her a cane and she used it last week to go to church. she walked all by herself into and out of church. she was very tired after that and rested that afternoon. I finally got a permanant in her hair so she feels fluffier. she is eating much better. in fact she has some to the kitchen on occasion looking for something to eat because she is sooooo hungry. I think that is a good sign. kids are enjoying her bursts of energy. she will go sit on the back porch on occasion and watch then swing. Weather is in the high 60’s and sunny. more later,

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