A New Day

Today is the first day of school. Will is beginning with math, which is his hardest subject. When we were planning his schedule before we arrived here, he suggested that we put math first so that he would be well rested with a full stomach. That is a very good idea! We do not need any issues when it comes to math. Today is the  first day of Grace Bible College also, as many of you know. Please pray for Kirk and Vic as they teach God’s word. May the presence of God be in their midst. May God grant understanding to each student and may the language barrier come down. Please be in prayer with us for these things.

The children have devotionals morning and evening. Their singing can be heard rising up from the dark basement, as there is usually no power. Amit or Pramita give a devotional or in some cases, the children pick among themselves to lead. Leaders are being grown here. Pastor Tika was raised here, as was Amit. These children have truly been “called out of darkness and into His marvellous light” 1st Peter 2:9. I was privileged to be asked to give the devotional. I’ve been praying about what to share for close to two weeks! Bear in mind that both devotional times are when I am preparing meals. I had settled on Sunday evening. Was I surprised when Kirk preached on the same passage, Psalm 139. This passage exemplifies God in three ways. 1. Omniscient-all knowing, 2. Omnipresent-all seeing, 3. All-powerful. Our God, the true and living God, is in control of the universe but he also knows everything about us every moment of every day of our lives. I wasn’t prepared for it to be so dark in the basement. I had to use a flashlight to read my Bible. In addition, I didn’t anticipate needing an interpreter, which Pramita fulfilled. Please pray for these precious children. I want to tell you more of their personal stories soon.

Love to all,



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