Practical Matters

So much is happening that is exceptional that it’s  hard to find the time to tell you what our new normal is. We have no routine yet. The bible school starts on Jan. 31st. Also the school children have had a break due to cold weather, since there is no heat to be found. I believe it’s been about a month-long break. We decided to keep Will on the same schedule and it’s given us all adjustment time also. I warned him that he may have to be schooled a little longer because of this. I fix breakfast, usually eggs and toast a lot. Will has cream of wheat or rice with toast. I see my main priority as making sure my family eats as well as we can. Oh, and we found corn flakes! We also found shelf stable milk that’s good. We use a French press coffee maker (thanks to Steve W). I can’t believe how expensive food is compared to the income here! It looks like we’re spending about the same amount of grocery money, the best I can tell. I wish I’d kept up with receipts, but it’s been too crazy. I plan to next month. Chicken breasts are $4 a lb. They are sold in a pack of two (frozen), which feeds us three plus Vic, who will be co-teaching with Kirk. We’ve had a lot of pasta and rice. One day we had an American meal of oven fried  chicken, canned corn, fresh green beans, baked potatoes and bread. Some people showed up at lunchtime so we had to make it stretch. I had to cook our big meal at noon because the power went off at 1:00p.m. Thank God we have gas for the burners. The stove is electric. I also want to mention the price of eggs. They are about $1.64 a dozen! They are cheaper if you buy a larger flat but there is no wrapping around them so we’re afraid of dropping them on the walk home. There are two small stores within walking distance and a vegetable shop. Back to the eggs. It would cost more than $30 dollars a day for each child to have an egg. Inflation is very high. I really don’t know how the people make ends meet. Good news! We have not been sick! Thank you for your prayers!



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  1. 1 Kim January 27, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Anil took me to a market and I bought fresh chicken at I believe 130 rupees/kg – they said the frozen was way more expensive (and possibly more dangerous due to the power outages and lack of demand for frozen chicken – you never know how old it is). I have been keeping up with you guys, thanks for the great updates! We pray for you guys regularly.

    Kim Cox

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