A Night at the Party Palace!

Kirk here…

Last night was one to remember! We had written earlier about the Newarri ceremony we were invited to attend by Momita’s family. It was a very traditional Hindu ceremony with very ancient rituals at the center. Last night was the follow up to that. It was anything but traditional however. It took place at the “Party Palace” and was basically dinner (very good traditional Nepali food) and lots of “Disco Danc’in”. Not even Nepali dancing, just disco. Bee Gees, Lady Gaga, and lots of Nepali Hip Hop! Before it was done everyone got into the act, except for Vic, whose strict Baptist background made his feet unable to get any rhythm going!  He did say at one point he found himself tapping his foot but that he had repented. Most danced at the insistence of our hosts. This morning my left knee feels like a horse kicked it. I am evidently too old for such shenanigans! It was all good fun and we built some bridges with this precious family. Momita is the only believer among seven sisters. Please pray that we will be able to share the light of the Gospel with them!

Also I had mentioned in an earlier post the Hindu lady who had come to church. She returned last Saturday, this time without the Hindu markings on her forehead. She said that there was a pronounced change in her son that we prayed for and tomorrow we are going to her home to share the Gospel further with her. Please pray for this opportunity as well that God would open her eyes as He did Lydia. 

Also keep GBC in your prayers. Classes start on Monday and Vic and I have been hard at the study. It is shaping up to be an awesome semester with some great students. Also we have had some real miracles concerning financing. Many of you back home have responded to help with some immediate needs here as well as for GBC. For all of your help we thank you from the bottom of our hearts . I will try to write again later with more specifics. Blessings to you all!


1 Response to “A Night at the Party Palace!”

  1. 1 book January 30, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    book here.
    Sorry for not writing for awhile. Sunshine’s doing fine – better and better, actually! …have been reading ‘Waking Up in Nepal” from today’s date backward, as haven’t had the computer on since the last email, or whatever it’s called (a blog to yall’s blog? i don[‘t know…).

    However i DO know we’re praying for the first day TOday for the semester at GBC!!! ..perhaps yall are still asleep as it’s 5:00am your time! Mom and i look so forward to hearing all about it!

    I can contribute $30.00/month for eggs for the kiddos! ..though others have probably said the same – so-o-o-o maybe more than 1 egg/child, huh?

    Love, love, love to yall. …what time DO yall get up and HOW are yall keeping warm? …AND how long does it take to get mail from ARKANSAS? …AND what’s the address?


    -book and her Mom!

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