Perilous Journey

The drive  to Chitwan last week was breathtaking.  There were beautiful terraced mountainsides and foot bridges across sweeping valleys. Since we were driving on the left the trip was enjoyable. Will gave you an account of the great elephant ride. The “ride” home was equally as memorable but in another way. This time our vehicle was hugging a sometimes shear drop only inches away. Sections of the road were eroded, and twice (at least) we came within a foot of a head-on collision with one of the many large trucks and buses that travel that road, overloaded, mind you. This was the most terrified I’ve ever been. The first couple of hours into the trip, I was pretty much at peace. Fatigue set in and one too many times of passing on one too many blind curves, which you would not believe, almost made us lose it! Kirk had traveled the highway (very high) before, but it had always been at night. I truly did not know if this was our trip to heaven, well, not this time.

 Many of you know about another couple that live here at CCF (Covenant Christian Fellowship), Prajowl and Momita Mothay. Prajowl is Pramita’s brother who also went with us to Chitwan and was our photographer. Momita’s family invited us to a Hindu ceremony last Friday at a temple here in Kathmandu. In this ritual, Momita’s beautiful little niece, 5 year-old Samridhi, was married to the bael fruit. This fruit represents her future husband, in hopes that he will be a good and kind man. From what I understand, this is a custom unique to the Newari people. After the ceremony, they served delicious Newari food. We were not given forks, so we ate with our hands, just like the rest! Tomorrow night (Tuesday), we are invited to a follow-up party. Please pray that we can be a faithful witness of the Lord Jesus to this precious family.


3 Responses to “Perilous Journey”

  1. 1 Jeff Gregory January 25, 2011 at 3:58 am

    Hey, Will – glad you got to have that cool elephant ride.

    Kirk, I’m sending your email to Albert Yanger, founder and leader of Kathmandu Institute of Theology. We have known Albert for about 15-18 years – he used to attend our church.


    Jeff G.

  2. 3 Terry Simpson January 25, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    You gotta love those Newarri people. I do. The are really different from any other peoples that I have seen all over the world. Unique, is the word, and wonderful. Tell Sani, Sabina and Srijana I said jaimashi.

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