A Wild Ride

Greetings Everyone!

Kirk, Will & I went to a movie matinée with Momita & Prajowl today. It was a cute c.g. animated, 3D film called Rio, & rated G  no less. We all enjoyed it very much! It is housed in a modern style mall. I must say that the highlight of the trip wasn’t the destination. We rode in the open air via scooter & motorcycle! You may be wondering how five people ride on two bikes. In two words, Nepali style! I rode behind Momita. Kirk & Will rode behind Prajowl (yes, all three). Here in Nepal, only the drivers are required to wear helmets. The traffic wasn’t too bad. I’ve seen worse. I did throw up several prayers, asking God for an uneventful ride down the back streets of Kathmandu! I also thanked Him for the opportunity to have such an adventure.  A couple of times I started to pinch myself to make sure this was really happening but I was holding on too tight! There are two things that reveal that we have ceased being mere tourists. One is that a person can travel the streets in any kind of vehicle without experiencing stark terror & two, that a person doesn’t take her camera everywhere anymore. (but should!)

Love to all,



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