Our Burden Before Leaving…

We are now entering the home stretch on our time here in Nepal. We leave on May 19th so that means we have approximately 6 weeks left. The one thing always on our mind as a concern before we leave is the children of New Life Children’s Haven. Over these next few weeks we want to share the stories of a few of them so you can get an idea of what they have been through. Also we are praying that God would touch many hearts to help financially with the needs here. The monthly expenses here are around $2200 to $2500 US just to keep afloat. It breaks down roughly like this – 1400 for basic food, monthly electric bill around 150-200 US, 6-8 cylinders of Propane for cooking at 20 per cylinder and finally water that must be trucked in 7 or 8 times a month at 25 US a load. On top of this is medical care (there is always a child who is sick, needs dental, etc.) as well as ongoing needs for clothing etc. Also this doesn’t count any money for salaries for the workers here. They are most gracious with respect to pay and sometimes go long periods without getting anything but obviously they have to be paid eventually. There are 2 cooks, a guard who also is the caretaker of the property, a lady who does housekeeping etc. These are essential personal to the operation here. By God’s grace and through the generosity of God’s people we have been able to supply this past 2 years enough money to basically take care of the food needs at 1200-1500 per month. All other needs however are constantly placed on the backburner. When we came there was much back debt and salary that needed to be caught up and again through the generosity of God’s people and several large one time gifts we were able to do so. We are extremely grateful to you all for everything you have done. However as I said we are currently only meeting about half the monthly budget and this is our real and ongoing concern. We have lived here for almost 5 months and if there is one thing we have seen on a daily basis it is that Pramita and all the staff here make maximum use of the resources they have. Literally nothing goes to waste. If even an egg gets cracked it is used for shampoo! Also Pramita always gives a detailed breakdown (down to the last rupee) of how all monies are spent. Every penny that comes into JCF goes directly via Western Union to here and is strictly accounted for. So the bottom line of this post is to ask number one for your prayers for this ministry and two, to ask you to consider a regular monthly financial contribution. It will be money well spent and a true investment in the lives of these children.

So, without further rambling I would like to introduce you to 2 of the kids (others will soon follow)…


Adarsha has been at NLCH for approximately 5 years. He is now 14 years old and comes from the Chitwan area from the “Dalit” caste. The Dalits are the lowest caste and are known as the “untouchables”. They are treated with utter contempt by the higher castes. When he was young his father deserted them leaving his family in abject poverty. Desperate and unable to care for him his mother sent him to a Buddhist orphanage. After a while there he began to exhibit very disturbing behavior. He was obviously very troubled mentally and would go into fits of rage. He also suffered from intense nightmares. This went on for quite some time with no relief despite the attempts of the Buddhist priests to “cure” him. During this time some Christians in his mother’s village began to witness to her and told her if she could find a Christian children’s home that they would be able to help him. About this time she met Shanti who is from the same village and was one of the cooks here at NLCH and she told Shanti his story. Shanti then approached Pramita about him and they took him in. They shared the Gospel with him (and he accepted Christ as Savior) and after prayer for his deliverance the problems immediately stopped. He never had another nightmare nor another outburst of rage. The believers here believe the behavior was demonic and I believe they are correct. The change was very dramatic and he has not had a problem since. In fact Pramita said he has never been sick in any way or needed medicine since he was prayed for! Praise God for His wonderful grace! Adarsha was literally saved, physically, mentally, spiritually and most importantly of all eternally! Because of his healing his older sister also has now become a Christian. His mother has not yet come to the Lord so please remember her in your prayers.



Eva also is 14 years old and came here from a very poor family and village. During the civil war here her father was one day accused of being a Maoist sympathizer. The army during this time was doing “retaliation killings” and anyone even suspected of being Maoist was killed on sight. There was some kind of mix up (he was not a Maoist and had no sympathy for their cause) and when he returned home from work one day the army shot and killed him in front of Eva, her mom and her sister. Her family was a Christian family and when her mom could no longer care for the kids because of their extreme poverty her pastor suggested that Eva come here to NLCH. She is a bright and beautiful little girl and is a joy to be around. Pramita said when she came here she cried and cried for weeks and was very depressed. She has slowly come out of her depression and is now full of the joy of the Lord! Her mother does come to see her (her sister is in another children’s home) but still cannot support her.

Please pray for both of these precious children. When you know them and see them daily they truly become a part of your heart! Any contributions can be sent to:

Jacksonville Christian Fellowship, 654 Quail Trail, Cabot AR 72023 (memo line: Nepal Orphans)


3 Responses to “Our Burden Before Leaving…”

  1. 1 Larry April 7, 2011 at 1:47 am

    My sweet,sweet little Eva. Tell her we pray for her daily

  2. 2 Jeff Gregory April 7, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Kirk, Liz, and Will,

    Thanks much for the posts and pictures. A couple of Sundays ago I read to our church what you had written, Kirk, about the darkness of Hinduism.
    The Lord continue to bless your ministry in the remaining 6 weeks.


    Jeff G.

  3. 3 ruth April 8, 2011 at 3:18 am

    I am really enjoying your posts, Liz. This one makes me realize the great, great need and the GREATNESS of our God to sovereignly pluck his little ones out of dire circumstances. I was reading in Luke 8 today and was struck by the succession of stories about Jesus delivering people from demon-possession. I tend to think, “Yeah, but that was then. What about now.” And then, I read your post. Praise Jesus, He reigns!!!

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