Overwhelmed by it All!

Overwhelmed by it all is the only way to describe how I feel. Yesterday the team of 8 GBC students returned from their trip to a very remote village to share the Gospel (see previous post). The place is so remote that most of the people there cannot even speak Nepali. They speak the Tamang language and many times the team had to have interpreters! This morning they gave a report to the class on their experiences there. Time will not permit me to tell all the details but it made all of us know that this is why Grace Bible College exists! They first of all ministered in so many ways to the believers that are there. There are about 70 -80 believers and all the students spoke of the great love the people have for Jesus. They worship and worship and worship some more. They are hungry for the Word of God and for sound teaching. Many of them came from great distances at night to hear the Word. The students said they could see small flashlights all over the mountain side with mothers packing their small children on their backs! The one thing that is lacking in the church community is solid foundational Biblical teaching and it was this the students were most thankful that they could impart. Before I go any further I want everyone back home to know that it is your prayers and support that has made all this possible. May God richly bless each one of you for your help and for your love for the Nepali people!

Anyway, on with the story. Not only did they minister to the church there they also did village to village evangelism. They went to approximately 70 homes and one on one shared the Gospel with the families. One village was almost totally Brahman (the highest caste). One family at first did not want to hear the message and told them to leave post haste. They did but they went to prayer that God would open their hearts and a door of ministry. Shortly after they had prayer the family yelled “come back, we want to hear you”! They went into their home and shared the Gospel and several songs with them. In the end they were all dancing and the family was greatly opened to the Gospel. Pray for them that they would indeed come to know the Savior. There are many other stories to tell but time and power outage (that is about to happen) will not allow. I will try to post more on this and I will also be adding more pictures so stay tuned.

Love in the Savior


Amit brings the Word

Worship time at Church

Ashish's Father - The Host and a Believer!

The Village

Village Life


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  1. 1 Cassie April 4, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Great pictures! It’s good to see your faces. The blogs make me very emotional. God is good!

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