Flat Bread Fajitas

    As the title implies, we’re enjoying a new hybrid dish. I guess you could say that East meets Southwest, sans cheese. But please don’t make think about cheese. I’m craving it in every form & kind of dish you (or I) can imagine. Cheese is available here but we don’t trust it with all of the power outages. Meat is a different story because it stays frozen, but cheese is in the refrigerator section. Another reason is that it is expensive. If I buy some to make a pizza, the power may not be on to bake. It is rare to have power at 4-5p.m. We can’t count on the power schedule to be right & plan ahead. There are cheese slices on the shelf at our local store, left unrefrigerated. It reads on the package how long it’s guaranteed, if refrigerated. Yeah it’s complicated, like a lot of things. The cheese is usually white & I think it might be yak cheese. Well, back to the fajita. Pramita has been making the flat bread for us. They only contain flour & water. She says you’re not an accomplished woman if you cannot make it perfectly round. As you might have guessed, she is great at it. I want to learn to make the bread, but so far I’ve been busy with cooking the inside stuff to learn. I use chicken breasts cut up mixed with taco seasoning( while it lasts). I cook onions & peppers together & Top with tomatoes. I’ve only seen lettuce one time & bought it then. Every layer has to be pulled apart and soaked in the iodine solution. We actually had a salad that day!

Well, time to close,

Love, Liz


1 Response to “Flat Bread Fajitas”

  1. 1 Todd Mason March 31, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Sounds yummy. 🙂

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