Please Pray for our Students!!!

Standing (L to R) Prakosh, Joshua, Stephan, Rodin (from Burma) Sitting (L to R) Amit (#2 from India), Amit (our own), Ashish, Ashok

This Sunday 8 of our students are going to go (for 3 days) to a very remote village to preach the Gospel. It is almost 4 hours by bus and then they leave the road for a 6 hour walk through the jungle and up a mountain to reach it! The whole area also has heavy Maoist activity so they thought it best that Vic or I not go. OK, that sounds good to me!

This village is the home of one of the students, Ashish. There is a small group of believers there (from which he came) of about 70-100 people. The team will be doing a day with the village youth with lots of singing, Gospel skits and what Amit called “tag team preaching”. Also on one day Amit will be giving an instructional class on Worship – how to lead, the importance of prayer, the importance of songs that are doctrinally sound, etc. as well as simply teaching them several new songs. He also told me he will be preaching throughout their time there on Ro.5:18-19 and what it means to be “In Adam” or “In Christ”. Wow! For those of you at JCF who know how often I have taught this you will know what a blessing this is to me personally. They are all really pumped and anxious to share what they have been learning here at GBC! Please pray for these young men of God as they go to share the Word of Life!

In the Savior,



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