Quick Thinking

Hi, everyone,

    Pramita, Will and I (Liz) went to the post office to pick up our “care package” from the good ole’  U.S.A, thanks to Kathy & Don. Before leaving, I said a quick prayer asking God for favor, in light of their reputation. The place was lacking, shall we say. This trip I had my camera with me & thought I’d take a shot of conditions there. It’s amazing that they make heads or tails of the packages. They shuffled us between several desks, finally producing the package. It was addressed to Pramita so she had to provide her documentation, although I took ours along. I’m told that the workers there regularly pilfer from the packages, even right in front of the recipient. They either want part of your stuff or a bribe to let you keep your stuff.  These things we will not miss! Anyway, Pramita, ever the quick thinker, told them that even though I didn’t know Nepali I would take their picture and report them to the authorities if they took any of our goods. She also told them that we had ties to the embassy. Does having our names on file there as American citizens count? If so then we’re good. The funny thing about it is I thought they were being extra nice because Will was with us. He hugged the bag of gummy bears that he received!! They even seemed rather jovial.  Come to think of it, the people at the counter did have a  kind of  deer-in- the- headlights look on their faces. Will & I were oblivious to the drama going on in Nepali, having no clue during those moments that we wielded such power.  The moral of this story is this–Always take your camera & have it visible to those who may need to see it. And don’t forget to have a big smile on your face the whole time. And remember to pray to our God, who works in mysterious & sometimes humorous ways, FIRST!!!!!!!!! 




1 Response to “Quick Thinking”

  1. 1 Terry Simpson March 23, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Some of the most memorable times I had in Nepal were at that Post Office. What a trip! And, as you say, Pramita was on top of it, as best she could with all the clowns at that place. It’s like stepping back into a time warp when you go into that place. Amazing. And slow. Most of the time we had to find our own package. And go from place to place to do that. And they did rummage through my stuff like you said. A truly amazing and unforgettable experience.

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