Still Here!

Thanks to all of you respondents to the blog! Your encouragement is a great help! Thank you so much for your prayers for Will, also. He has had a happy heart for the last week. Last Sunday we bought a small, cheap guitar that he can learn on easier than a big one. He is getting lessons from Amit at 4:30 every day. His fingers are getting sore, but it helps to have a teacher besides me (Liz). He’d be whining big time to me! It is Amit’s goal for Will to learn by the time we leave. We will leave the guitar here so that other kids can be taught if they are in interested. Monday night we walked to a new friends house for dinner. Violetta and her daughter Vivianna, transplants from Brazil, have an apartment about 15 minutes from here. We had good food and fellowship. It was great not to have to cook for a change. Violetta, who recently returned from Orissa, India, showed us pictures of the work she oversees there. The school has 250 children. The people live in a garbage dump. Because they are of the lowest caste, the children have no record of birth. According to the government, they do not exist, therefore they cannot go to school. This keeps them from any hope of  a future. Because of Violetta’s school, they receive the documents they must have. Not only that, they are receiving the gospel, the good news! Many of the parents are being converted from that empty religion that were born into. This just illustrates the many needs across the world. If we all listen and obey God’s direction for us, what a difference we can make. 

I made brownies on Tuesday from memory and scratch! Yesterday there was a school holiday. Pramita and I made brownies and popcorn for the children’s 3:00 tiffin (snack). They are always so hungry at that time! You guessed it! They had never had a brownie before.


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  1. 1 Vickie Johnson March 6, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I am curious about how Violetta & Vivianna ended up in Nepal from Brazil. Are they using Nepal as home base to do their work in India? I very much enjoy reading the blog.

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