Yesterday we took a day to do a little sightseeing around the city as this is Vic’s first time here. Pramita had been invited to a Hindu wedding and she thought we might like to see it as they are very elaborate. In the end though, they wouldn’t let us in. No foreigners allowed and especially not non-Hindus. It was taking place at the Pashupati temple so we took a tour of it while there. For those of you who have been here on past trips it is the one where they burn the bodies. When we left all we could think of is “I need a shower”. The smoke was thick from the cremations as they were burning about 10 or 12 bodies. It is a very bizarre place and it is palatably demonic and grievous. There is such darkness in the Hindu system. I have posted some pictures below.

On the other hand God’s grace is so very evident in the believers here. When you contrast what they came out of with their joy in Christ it quickly becomes clear that only God could have done this work in their lives. He is Awesome and by His grace they know it!

It is also becoming clear to us that we are not just here for Grace Bible College but also to be an encouragement to the believers (and especially the leaders) of Covenant Christian Fellowship. Pramita, who I believe is the most selfless person I have ever met, said something in a meeting that so blessed my heart. We were discussing their financial situation and she said “I have no worldly ambitions so I do not care if I am paid or not. My reward is to see the children (of New Life Children’s Haven) smile.” Excuse me while I blubber. It is this core group (Pramita, Pastor Tika, Amit the worship leader and the whole staff of CCF) that we believe are our primary purpose for being here. It is truly an amazing thing that God, in His providence, has done in knitting our hearts together with these precious people.

We love and miss you all, (PS-see more pics below)



2 Responses to “Sightseeing”

  1. 1 Terry Simpson January 18, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Everything you said is true. I discovered that I was there to give and experience the Love of God to and from that precious church and the children and workers. Love is the greatest, even greater than knowledge. God bless you guys. We are praying for you.

  2. 2 Jeff Gregory January 20, 2011 at 5:02 am

    Hey, Kirk, Liz, and Will,

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I praise God for the opportunity you have in being there.
    The Lord bless you with health, warmth, wisdom and special equipping by the Spirit of the Lord.

    Love in Jesus,

    Jeff G.

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