This Is Monday?

What I need is a calendar! What I have this morning is electricity and time, both rare commodities. We are well, by the grace of God, truly. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. One thing I am understanding all the more is how much it means when people tell me they will pray for us. And I must say, I’ve recently noticed (before I left), that I can almost be certain, if a person really means that they will. If you’re like me, sometimes I’ve said it with no follow thru. I’ve also come to value as even more precious the prayers of those who love me (us). I can feel the love and earnestness in their voices, and in that knowledge comes an immediate peace. We, God’s people are not in this struggle alone. We have a Father and a forever family! I (We) love you all.

Now, for an update. We sent the older teens off with a prayer for their final exam to complete high school (their version), which is a completion of 10th grade. John, Anita, Smiley, Shristi and Esther have been studying very hard. Please pray for these dear young people that they will have God’s direction in decisions concerning their future and His grace to keep them strong in the faith.

We did a big shopping trip last Thursday at the old Salesway Dept. store. That is where we got our towels. The lowest price we could find was $7. We have a couple that we had left here (courtesy of the Coxs). We bought 3, and Kirk suggested that we each have a different color for easy identification. It is amazing how much confusion a little idea like that saves! I brought an over-the-door hanger for our towels because when one showers EVERYTHING gets wet! The shower head is in the middle of the bathroom, so water (hopefully hot) goes all over. We hung the hook on the outside of the door. I can assure you that one needs a dry towel when one steps into  50 degree (if your lucky) temp. We agree that the cold is the hardest thing to contend with. Thank God we brought lots of layers! I have become a believer in scarfs. I’ve realized that in the past when I’ve scrunched my shoulders up, it’s my neck that is cold! (brilliant conclusion, huh?) In America, we just turn up the heat! But I hear that warmer weather is coming. My hopes are set on that!

Also, after church last Sunday (loved being here!), Samson (Hi, Samson!) stayed and asked Will to help him with his English. I made them p,b&j sandwiches, Pramita ate one, too. Samson asked Will if he had ever heard of Scrabble. Ironically, that was the only game we brought, and Will had just gotten it for Christmas! Samson came over yesterday afternoon. It was actually raining (a rare thing this time of year), and the power was out. They played Scrabble all afternoon. I am quite sure it was helpful for English (Samson), as well as for spelling (Will).

Didn’t mean to write a novel, but I haven’t even scratched the surface.



2 Responses to “This Is Monday?”

  1. 1 book January 17, 2011 at 6:45 am

    I haven’t typed in such a long time that I don’t even know
    where the keys are on this computer. It is not like the
    typewriter i used when I typed at 75 words a minute. ANYWAY i
    seem to have lost my touch… Sunahine came with the house
    all familiar to her and adjusted to us and the other dogs
    immediately. She is a sweetie. We are so glad that your
    plane reservations were rescheduled okay and what trip !

    You are all in our prayers. Much love, Helen

    …this is the first time Mother has used this computer and am SO glad she did!!!

    Liz, thanks for keeping us aware of what’s going on/how life is there! We’re thrilled to hear everything you have time to write! …it helps us SO much to know how to pray for yall! Love the pic of Pramita, Santi, and you!

    Yall’s daily life in K- is SO-O-O different than in the U.S.A., well FOR SURE getting out of the shower to an ambient 50 degrees. BRRR!

    Can we mail things that now that you’re there and have had a chance to discover items that would help (in ANY area of daily life)? …they might (surely would) take awhile to get there, but would LOVE to be able to help in any/every way possible (prayers are absolutely for SURE)!!!!! So, PLEASE let us know, ok?

    Kirk, thanks for the email!

    What an absolute JOY it is to be able to pray for yall in areas in which you mention! To see our Abba Father at work is SOOOOO AMAZING and WONDERful! Did the rain bring warmer temps? Would the packets help (like Dad had for the deer woods) for warmth?

    Welp, it’s 12:34am in nlr time, is it really 12:34pm there? When the email went out last night, it showed it being sent something like 5:40am K- time! SO, with MUCH LOVE and appreciation we say good night (afternoon!) to yall in the loving arms of our Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST!

    -book (the other one [besides Helen])

  2. 2 Kathy January 17, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    I’m enjoying reading your blogs every day. It makes me miss the children even more, though. When you give them a hug, please give them an extra squeeze and tell them it’s from sister Kathy! Church was good yesterday, there is definitely something missing without you all here though. Tell Pramita “hi” I’ll e.mail her soon. Take care, and may God bless you. Kathy

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