Big Talent Show!

The big talent show was last night! It was held in the basement. The kids in resident put on quite a show! It was mostly in Nepali, so we had to read between the lines (in English). There were three skits, a song in English by Sunita (Hosanna In The Highest), a dance number by Roda & co., a song by Will, and a reading by Samuel. Every “act” was about some aspect of truth in the bible.  There were three judges and prizes. They picked me to award the prizes! What fun! The plan is to have a talent show every Friday night. I told Kirk today maybe we can have popcorn & Kool-aid next week. Today Nitu told me how much she enjoyed the popcorn I made for the kids week before last. I’d like to make it again, maybe tomorrow and then Friday night. Pramita had mentioned to me that some of the children in outlying poverty- stricken areas lived on popcorn & wild nuts. It went thru my mind that popcorn might bring back bad memories. A few of the children here have parents but the parents have too many mouths to feed. The children came suffering from malnutrition. When Nitu said that today, I realized that I can’t over think everything. My biggest goal concerning the children is to “cause no further pain”. They have been through enough. God Bless Them Every One!

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  1. 1 Terry Simpson February 5, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Nitu, Smiley and I (and other kids) often had popcorn in my room in the evenings. They loved it. So did I.

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